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*Remember: wildlife is wild life, so when it comes to stuff like whales and bears, these ratings show the likelihood of seeing those things as opposed to a guarantee. But that’s nature for ya – and who would want it any other way?
Lynn Canal, Chatham Strait, Admiralty Island, Frederick Sound, Endicott Arm, Stevens Passage
We begin our journey from the port of Auk Bay near the city of Juneau Alaska. Immediately we enter the southern portion of Lynn Canal and head West through the confluence waters of Icy Strait, Chatham Sound, and Lynn Canal. As we navigate south into Chatham Strait we keep our eyes pealed searching for humpback and killer whales that frequent this biodiverse area. With Admiralty island on our port side and Chichagof island on our starboard side we set the stage for amazing kayaking and hiking opportunities.
With our sites on Baranof Island and hopeful hot springs we meander into small coves and inlets that dot these three islands. From our floating basecamp we get into our smaller boats and make our way deeper into the shallows where we seek to find bears feeding on the shore.
Admiralty still on our port side, our trip brings us into Fredrick Sound. A place of magic where all species of animals feed, but none more then the Humpback whale. While seeking out these mammals we learn more then just the name. Our professional crew sparks further curiosity and understanding by teaching and learning together the details of this majestic animal.
Anchoring and exploring Brothers island on foot brings allows us to examine a remote island free of bears, but not beauty. Covered in moss and lichen, this place is a must to be seen and heard. With Fredrick sound on our stern, we begin to move into the icy waters of Endicott Arm.
Endicott Arm, where we have the opportunity to float and kayak among huge icebergs and watch a tidewater glacier calve into the ocean. Described by some as impressive as Glacier Bay, this fjord offers one of the most stunning glacial landscapes in Southeast Alaska – sheer granite cliffs, cascading waterfalls, and thundering glaciers.
After leaving Endicott Arm, our exploration continues northward toward the capitol of Alaska, Juneau. Arriving downtown, we will debark the Snow Goose where you have the opportunity to continue your Alaskan adventure, walk the city streets, or make your way back home. With plenty of museums, hotels, artisans, bookstores, and bars, you’ll be sure to enjoy your time in Juneau.
All routes are subject to adjustment and change at the captain's discretion and the ability to obtain the proper access permits. This includes US Forest Service and Glacier Bay National Park permits. Passports are required for entry into Canada, and previous DUI convictions may prevent entry.
We are an equal opportunity provider and employer, operating on the Tongass National Forest under special use permit from the USDA Forest Service.